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Today we’re going to be talking about beard oil and it is 2019 so chances are you know what a beard oil is and how to apply it. But believe it or not, there’s a lot of new guys. So this one’s for all the new guys out there and good luck with your beard journey.

Now beard oil is a leave-in conditioning product it was designed to replace the oils that you lose after washing your beard, see. When you wash your beard to cleanse it, what you’re doing is you’re stripping away thirds but not only dirt you’re stripping away a lot of oils as well. So when you hop out of the shower, when you’ve done rinsing and cleaning your face then what you want to do is bring those oils back to your skin.

Now butyl is how exploded on the marketplace and there’s a lot of people who are selling beard oils that maybe aren’t produced in the same way that we personally would produce them and that’s silicone free and really like an oil derived type of product

So silicones aren’t necessarily inherently bad or dangerous for your skin. But what happens is they’ll coat the hair and when they coat your hair it’s going to be able to give like a real nice smooth finish and real soft finish. But it’s preventing like nutrients from getting into the shaft of the hair and it also requires a little bit harsher wash to remove the silicones. And then that harsher wash starts the process of damaging your beard, damaging the skin underneath it and it just kind of sorts those cycles.

Some products are water-based and they will rinse out. They don’t stick to your hair but that’s not most of the products out there. Now typically I am going to be applying a beard oil once a day right after I hop out of the shower. Sometimes if I’m going out for the night I’ll do a little bit more in there. There’s also this utility balm which is a beard balm and for me is, I either use the utility balm or use a beard oil. You don’t have to necessarily use both. To use it personally I love the orifice reducer. I love this thing because all you need to do is just turn it upside down.Nothing’s dropping out and boom. Depending on your length will be how many drops you need to use. So really big beard you may get up to seven or ten drops. A shorter beard like mine maybe it’s like three to five drops and a bottle that size(one ounce) it may see tiny but because you only need a couple of drops it’s going to be able to last like three months or even longer. So don’t be turned off by it. You’re getting a lot of value out of a small little bottle

I don’t forget the mustache because when I get that smelling the mustache, it’s just like good stuff and then I try to apply it in the way that I want my hair to stay. So I may like kind of start off like really working it in but then the final thing is like moving it into having one good beard to stay.

And that my friends is what is beard oil and how to use it.

What is  Beard Oil
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What is Beard Oil
what a beard oil is and how to apply it. But believe it or not, there's a lot of new guys. So this one's for all the new guys out there and good luck with your beard journey.
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