How To Grow A Beard

How To Grow A Beard

How To Grow A Beard

Google and YouTube to answer 10 of the most googled questions on the Internet. One of the world’s most asked question is “How do I grow a beard”. Well I can’t really help you out.

I can’t explain the science of facial hair. All you need to have for a big bristly beard are two things. First, testosterone. Both males and females produced the sex hormone testosterone but the highest levels typically occur in males who have reached sexual maturity. Testosterone is responsible for all of the secondary sex characteristics you generally find in men like more muscle mass more body hair and an enlarged larynx resulting in a deeper voice. It also triggers the growth of facial hair but the whiskers don’t just show up out of nowhere.

Testosterone actually interacts with the little wispy peach fuzzy hairs that everybody already has pigmenting them to make them darker and stimulating them to grow thicker. But make no mistake the bushiness of the man’s beard is not a measure of how much testosterone he’s producing. Lots of research comparing men across various ethnic groups found that guys who produce less facial hair had the same hormone levels as those who look like duck dynasty standards. So what else do you need.

The right genes says it takes two players to make a whisker after all the testosterone and the follicle or sac in the skin where the little fuzzy hair grows into a thick bristle. But the thing is, not all follicles respond to testosterones chemical signal in the same way. Genetic variations can change your follicles sensitivity to hormones, as a result, some guys hairs have a hard time reading and responding to the signal resulting in your kind of patchy Bob Dylan Scrabble. While others are really sensitive to the hormone giving you your Sacha Baron Cohen types. So just as the hair on your head is a certain color in texture depending on your genes, so is your beard or lack thereof finally a tip that might save you some trouble.

Shaving really does not make your beard grow faster we’re not sure how that myth got started. But it probably has to do with the fact that hairs are long and tapered coming to a narrow point at the end when you shave off the skinny top of the hair you leave the thicker lower part exposed making it look a little bigger. But your whiskers won’t grow in any more full or lush because you shaved them. Like it or not, you’re stuck with whatever your face can produce.

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How To Grow A Beard
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How To Grow A Beard
Beard is a symbol of sexiness and Accent time it a symbol of royal power and sexiness. You ever look at a guy with a beard and you imagine how to get that this is the right place for you.
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