We  really like going  to the gym. I think when you go to the gym with someone, it just helps you push yourself a lot harder than what you normally would on your own. Exactly it’s fun because you get to talk and hang out as you’re working out. I gonna be telling you guys gym essentials.



Let’s get started starting with  training sneakers in gym . Now a lot of people think that they don’t affect the way that you perform. But that’s not true, I really think that having the right sneakers can completely change the way you work out.  So I personalize something comfortable because you’re carrying around a lot of weights. And you’re putting a lot of pressure on your feet exactly. If you have a lot of weight on your hand even on your hands. You’re still walking around with all that weight so you want something that’s soft. At the same time gives you support and support that you need especially if you’re training legs on that day. You want something that’s probably flat, so you can do like leg press or squats or whatever.   So that you can get more mobility out of those sneakers as well and also I feel like the gym is very fashionable.


Gym bag

I remember too is a good gym bag, I think you want something reasonable side that you can fit all your gym stuff in. But it’s not too heavy or too much wasted, get something affordable. Most leather bags that you’re gonna find with quality you can also customize the bag. So I decided to add my initials on the outside I think it makes it look even better and more personalized. And you got anything I’ve got that done my stylist of course. It’s not just for the gym you know you can take this bag on a weekend trip or I for example take mine for photoshoots. So I can bring some props or a change of clothes it’s versatile it looks good.


Tank Tops

I have so many tank tops for the gym, I really like working out with sleeveless shirts. Just because it gives you more mobility and you know if you’re at that stage it shows off your guns. You know you kind of show off a little bit you want to see your muscles in the gym and how you’re exercising. So I like to wear sleeveless tank tops.  It is called a vest vest because kind of sweating if you are someone that sweats a lot like me. I definitely said a lot to myself some people just don’t sweat but me personally I do. I think in a vest you just feel more comfortable.


You haven’t got something stick into that so that’s personal which brings which is shorts I again prefer shorts just because it just makes me feel a lot more free. I have more kind of more oxygen through my thighs. I think that brings you back to the bag as well. You have a good size bag you can put pair of shorts and trousers in. Depending on what you’re training on how you’re feeling exactly and you know a lot of people. I know that a lot of guys sometimes they don’t feel confident enough to wear shorts because you’re still working out their legs.

You know they’re not there yet so if the Lululemon’s or whatever, having some Under Armour’s that are really good as well. They’ll hide your legs a little bit while you you’re still getting them to be a little bit thicker to the side. I don’t know why you worry no it’s good which brings me on so again my poor little chicken legs. It just makes me feel a lot more confident just when I’m covering them up.I think it’s very fashionable a lot of people like to wear them because it add something to your outfit. So you’re not just in a t-shirt and shorts you can add the tights and make them make you outfit really come together.   Exactly, it’s so like if you’re putting it well because if you don’t like leg press your legs are kind of up.


Gym supplements

Gym supplements now for me personally one of the main things. I take is cod liver oil tablets I think if you are working out a lot. You can get quite painful joints and I just feel like this supplement really helps just with your mobility and moving around and with recovery as well. I do pre-workout for sure unless I’m going to Barry’s boot camp because it’s like so hot in there. And I just like my heart will just explode. But I do pretty workout I’ll do I usually do a half a scoop I can’t even do a close. I’m pretty like since sensitive to pre-workout I do whey protein family Daphne protein three times a day yeah morning, post-workout and before I go to bed yes when I take my protein.


Shaker Bottle

Shaker Bottle now I actually use mine just for water because it saves time. So I don’t have to go to the water station every time. I’m done with an exercise also I don’t want to lose my machine. When I’m working out and I have to drink water and then I leave and somebody else is there, it annoys me water dude come on. It also keeps me hydrated because sometimes I forget the drink water at the gym unless I’m really thirsty. With the bottle I know that I have to 1finish the whole bottle by the time when I’m done working out. I think that now is well even shakers they have the container pots at the bottoms you can take your protein or your supplements with you.


Wireless Headphones

My opinion you need cordless earbuds or cordless headphones or bluetooth headphones or whatever you want to call them. You need them because cords suck when you’re moving around.  If you’re picking up weight used I’ve had the same situation. Before where you’ve got that dangling thing down you catch it wait you thrown things around. You don’t want that you know you’re putting your arms up, down, laying down and standing up. The cords are just gonna be in your way basically you know air pods or like the wireless beats or there’s also really affordable options you can find.


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