Fashion Mistakes

Fashion Mistakes

Fashion Mistakes

Today’s we’re gonna go over a couple of fashion mistakes almost every man makes. Not too long ago and I stumbled across these mistakes all the time and since I love you guys I don’t want you to stumble through them. So I’m gonna go over them, that way you can be more stylish than I was.

Number one

The most important thing do not fall into the trap of wearing what your friends are wearing. Sometimes it’s hard to go against the grain but don’t be afraid to lead and carve your own paths especially when it comes to style. During your high school college or middle school days it’s easy to follow and wear what your friends are wearing to feel comfortable and fit in.

But if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to get things done. Whether it be to ask that hot girl out on a date or just be the best dressed kid in school. Period.

Number two

Never ever pay resale no matter how hyped up the item gets. I really care for you guys and for your money and where you’re spending it because you see, the biggest mistake I see young guys making is being so heavily influenced by culture that they were being climbed to pay exorbitant amounts on a piece of garment that’s not even worth it.

I get emails asking me where did I get my jacket. It doesn’t have crazy branding, it doesn’t tell you that I spent 3 G’s on it and by the way – no I did not. What it does have though is classic styling and amazing fit and quality materials. Those are things that stand out and actually improve your style. And that’s the thing. This thing cost me like a fifth of what one of those hyped up items would cost me and it’s a hundred times more stylish, it’s a hundred times more versatile.

And I know that three years from now I can still rock this and it would still look good. So as a teen what you want to be doing is investing in timeless brands. Think about it if your logic for wearing hyped up items is to impress your friends, don’t you think being the best dressed guy in school that actually dresses well will get you more girls and therefore impress your friends, Exactly. You’re not gonna get scammed there be charges insane mark up by a brand for example. They just dropped a new collection of network. One of my favorite pieces that I recently picked up is what they call that everyday sweater. It’s made with high-grade merino wool from New Zealand and coolmax fibers that help regulate your body temperature depending on how cold or how warm it is outside. And then on top of that it’s handmade in Italy by skilled artisans. You definitely know when you buy this you’re getting a high quality item.

Number three

Biggest mistake a lot of young guys are making is wearing fake or counterfeit stuff. Now I’m just gonna give you my opinion. I’m not telling you what you should or should not do but I mean really five fakes I know most guys will say what the heck buying fake is not a big deal. You can do whatever you want but the counterfeit market is illegal for a reason. Think of it this way, you spent your life countless hours sweat working to build up your brand, make this amazing watch brand, create something amazing, your life dream and then there comes a scammer makes an identical replica of your design, rips it off and sells it for pennies with your name on it. I don’t know about you but as a brand owner I would be pissed on top of that from the consumer side most guys that wear counterfeit stuff they end up flexing as if it were the real thing. All I’m saying is that you don’t need a stoop to counterfeit you can wear an outfit with $50 vans that will look a hundred times more stylish than one with fake. Easy.

Number four

Having the misconception that dressing better means that you have to dress up as a young guy. One of the biggest drawbacks that we think man if I want to dress better I’m gonna have to fancy, absolutely not. You can have a casual outfit that fits well, look sharp, that’ll look way better than a guy that’s dressed in a sloppy suit. So don’t let that hold you back. Focus on fit and quality is, start with your basics like I said, your t-shirt, your dresser, your denim, get those to fit right and build on from there.

Number five

Understand that money does not buy style. Again another drawback or mistake that a lot of young guys think is, “Oh! man I can’t improve my style I don’t have any money”. I was a young guy too without a job. I would collect my lunch money then go on eBay and buy use clothing. The idea is if you really have a passion for it, if you really want to dress better and look better, you don’t have to worry about labels or how much you’re paying for it. You can go on thrift stores, you can go on eBay, you can go on Poshmark, buy used items that still look good and make you look sharp.

It’s all about making sure that clothes works with you. Forget the brand names and the huge prices and that’s basically a voice those are the top five fashion mistakes that most young guys are making and hopefully you never fall victim to.

Fashions Mistakes
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Fashions Mistakes
In contrast to the generally abhorred sock-with-shoes, formal and semi-formal style botches are regularly somewhat more subtle — particularly in case you're an amateur.
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