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Sporting a cool hairstyle is not just for adults. It’s also important for boys too. They may be young, but they still want to look great and stay up-to-date with the latest looks and trends. While boys’ haircuts often take inspiration from those of men, they do need to be tweaked to become more suitable, so straight copying will never work. Instead, it’s best to look to other cute kids to find great cut and style ideas that you can use. Whether you’re looking for soft curls, short spikes, or a stylish side part, you’ll find all the best haircuts for boys right here.




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1. Thick Medium Length Style

This medium-length cut with bangs is a great way to style thick hair without creating a “mushroom” effect.


Thick Medium Length Style


2. Short Waves with Bangs

This look proves that bangs can also work for boys with short, wavy hair.

Short Waves with Bangs


3. Surfer Style

Haircuts for boys don’t get much cuter than this ultra-cool surfer style.


Surfer Style


4. Messy Spikes

Modern spikes for boys should be more movable and messy than those of the past.


Messy Spikes


5. Undercut with Comb-Over

This awesome undercut with comb-over will no doubt make any boy sporting it the coolest kid in school.


Undercut with Comb-Over


6. Textured Undercut

Little men will love the big attitude of this cool, undercut hairstyle.


Textured Undercut


7. Textured Side-Part Style

This textured, side-part style can easily be brushed or combed into a polished look when formal occasions arise.


Textured Side-Part Style


8. Textured Short Style

Adding texture to short hair stops it from sitting flat and provides it with a contemporary appearance.


Textured Short Style


9. Textured Shag with Bangs

A textured shag style with bangs is such as cute cut for little lads. On top of that, the look can also work for all hair types whether straight, curly or wavy.


Textured Shag with Bangs


 10. Textured Quiff with Undercut

Taking inspiration from the hairstyles of the older boys, this disconnected undercut with textured quiff is edgy and cool.


Textured Quiff with Undercut


11. Subtle Undercut with Textured Side-Sweep

This cool, short style features a subtle undercut with a textured, side-swept, top.

Subtle Undercut with Textured Side-Sweep


12. Straight Layered Cut with Fringe

A layered cut with fringe, such as this, is always a stylish option for boys with straight strands.


Straight Layered Cut with Bangs


13. Smooth Shag

This modern, shag style perfectly suits boys with smooth and frizz-free strands.


Smooth Shag


14. Smooth Medium Length Cut with Fringe

A smooth, medium-length cut looks extra cool with a long wispy fringe.


Smooth Medium Length Cut with Bangs


15. Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs have become one of the most popular modern looks for boys. This version features a tapered length that cuts diagonally across the forehead before blending into the rest of the hair.


Side-Swept Bangs


16. Short Textured Style

By adding plenty of texture to a short hairstyle, it instantly becomes a cool and contemporary look.


Short Textured Style


17. Windswept Look

A cool, windswept style adds plenty of texture and a little bit of attitude to any boy’s look.


Windswept Look


18. Short Straight Style

Boys with straight hair will find that this short cut is perfectly made for them.


Short Straight Style


19. Short Side-Parted Style

A side part gives this textural look a dose of classic, gentlemanly style.

Short Side-Parted Style


20. Short Messy Waves

Due to their short length, these waves can easily be styled into a high, messy look.


Short Messy Waves


21. Short Messy Style

This short, messy style is a fantastic, softer alternative to short, spiked looks.


Short Messy Style


22. Short Layered Cut

Adding layers helps to create a short style with more shape and texture.


Short Layered Cut


23. Short Choppy Cut with Fringe

A short, choppy cut with a fringe is a stylish option for older boys transitioning into teens.


Short Choppy Cut with Bangs


24. Short and Spiked

This version of short and spiked hair for boys features messy and movable spikes focused solely on the top of the head.

Short and Spiked


25. Buzz Cut

This little gent proves that a buzz cut can make a cool and cute option for boys.


Shaved Crew Cut


26. Modern Short Style

This short haircut is made modern with the addition of texture and a messy side part.


Modern Short Style



27. Modern Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is back and it is once again a cool style for boys. Just remember to keep the look modern with plenty of texture.


Modern Bowl Cut


28. Messy Long Waves

Boys with long curls or waves can benefit from a long and unstructured style, such as this one.


Messy Voluminous Waves


30. Messy Parted Fringe

This messy hairstyle features a cool middle part. The way to create the look is by using hands to separate hair instead of a brush or comb.


Messy Parted Bangs


31. Messy Layered Curls

A messy, layered cut can be the ideal choice for boys with wild waves or curls.


Messy Layered Curls


32. Medium Length Waves

These cute, medium-length waves look soft, shiny, and stylish.


Medium Length Waves


33. Medium Length Straight Style

This medium-length style creates a clean and sharp look when paired with straight locks.


Medium Length Straight Style


34. Medium Length Layered Cut

A medium length layered cut, such as this one, offers rock star style for little gents.


Medium Length Layered Cut


35. Medium Length Cut with Side Bangs

This medium-length cut with side bangs is both playful and polished.


Medium Length Cut with Side Bangs


36. Afro

Keep wild curls tamed and easy to manage by trimming them to an ultra-short length afro.


Ultra-Short Curls


37. Medium Length Cut with Longer Length at Back

By maintaining a longer length at the back, this medium-length cut blends the line between tidy and untamed.


Medium Length Cut with Longer Length at Back


38. Loose Textured Waves

This textured cut works perfectly with naturally loose waves. The subtle kinks offer just enough movement and bounce for a modern and stylish look.


Loose Textured Waves


39. Long Waves

These long waves may be messy, but they’re also completely cute.


Long Waves


40. Long Undercut Style

Opting for an undercut with a long length is a great way to achieve a versatile look that can be styled in numerous ways.


Long Undercut Style


41. Layered Cut with Piecey Bangs

While full bangs can look heavy and harsh against delicate features, a choppy fringe or piecey bangs offers the perfect balance.


Layered Cut with Piecey Bangs


42. Forward-Combed 

Combing boys’ hair forward from the crown creates a cute and preppy style.


Forward-Combed Style


43. Disconnected Undercut

disconnected undercut is not only a stylish option for men, but it’s also a great option for little boys.


Disconnected Undercut


44. Deep Side Part

A deep side part, such as this one, can make a fantastic option for boys with straight strands.


Deep Side Part


45. Curly Undercut

This cute, curly undercut hairstyle features long curls on top and shorter curls on the sides.


Curly Undercut


46. Curly Bob with Middle Part

This curly bob with a middle part is the epitome of cool and carefree style for boys.


Curly Bob with Middle Part


47. Classic Short Style

Short hair never goes out of style for boys, so this classic cut is always a great option.


Classic Short Style


48. Choppy Side-Parted Style

A short, side-parted style can easily be made into a cool, modern look with the addition of some choppy layers.


Choppy Side-Parted Style


49. Chin-Length Cut with Long Bangs

This chin-length cut with long bangs is cool and contemporary.


Chin-Length Cut with Long Bangs


50. Bob with Fringe

A smooth, chin-length bob with a fringe can create a cool, retro look. Just be sure to add a little texture to keep the style from appearing outdated.


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