Bathroom Essentials That Every Man Need

I know a secret of yours,  I know for a fact that you’ve been in someone else’s bathroom. And you open up the cabinets just to see what was in there.  I know that for a fact don’t even try to lie because guess what I’m guilty too.  The truth is your bathroom is gonna be used by other people.  And other people are gonna check it out and see how clean you really are, you’re also gonna judge you on what they find in.  There so today we’re gonna go over the bathroom must-haves for every man out there.  And these essentials apply,  whether you live in a small apartment and have a tiny bathroom or your bathroom is the size of a living room.


Quality towels

You’ve ever been in a nice hotel or you’ve gone to a nice house someone your friend maybe,  you feel their towels.   And you feel how nice they aren’t let’s be real,  you want to take them home with you.  But most guys have worn out or rough towels because they’re a little bit cheaper.  What you don’t realize is that your towels are probably one of the most important essentials in your bathroom.  And I’m not saying go out there, have ton of money on bath towels.  Know they’re just towels just get something nice that.  You like maybe a color that you really enjoy.  Then it’s gonna bring some personality into your bathroom.  You definitely do want to get out of your shower and just scrape your body with an old raggedy rough towel.

Shower cap

Next up a shower cap is definitely gonna make your second day hair go from average to amazing.  Without it you just cannot prevent water from getting to your hair, even if you’re being absolutely careful it just never seems to happen.  It’s not just the water that you should be worried about the humidity and condensation in the shower.  That also affect your hairstyle.  You should not be washing your hair every day. So a shower cap is a must for those off days.  Now I know it’s not the most masculine of things so maybe you can hide it or maybe. You can get a black one it doesn’t really matter. But if you have medium to long hair this is really going to help you out.  And make sure that you have an amazing hairstyle the next day.

Body Wash

A great body wash is absolutely needed.  I mean you could use a bar of soap but first of all it doesn’t look good in your bathroom.  And second it doesn’t really clean as well.  Body wash smell incredible it lathers easily and washes off your skin without that rough feeling of a bar of soap. And it also doesn’t have any sulfates parabens or synthetic dyes.

Shower Caddy

A shower caddy now I know you’re thinking first of all.  What the hell is a shower caddy.  Shower caddy is that rack that holds everything together in one confined space in your shower,  like your body wash shampoo conditioner all of your products.  You definitely just wanna make sure that you invest in one that is sturdy and it’s not gonna slip off. Especially if you have a lot of products in your shower definitely.


Toiletry Bag

Don’t want to have your eyes closed and wet and then just smack it by mistake.  And have that thing just fall on your toes that would suck.  A nice toiletry bag every man needs one whether you’re going to a weekend or a month-long trip.  It doesn’t matter you’re always gonna need a place for your bathroom products.  I bring mine to the gym so I can shower there and it helps me stay organized.  Every guy needs one of these so they can put away their toothbrush, instead of just throwing it into a backpack right.  You don’t want to do that I would recommend a brown or a black leather toiletry bag.  Because it just makes you look cool first of all when you pull it out of your bag and   it keeps everything organized.


Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush, now we all know that it’s scientifically proven that electric toothbrushes will clean better than a manual toothbrush.  And I remember when they first came out with electric toothbrushes though they were super expensive nowadays. You can get one for about 50 bucks sometimes a lot cheap or even it is definitely worth it.  Because not only is it super beneficial for your oral health.  It definitely makes your bathroom look even cooler.


Bathroom Mat

A bathroom mat I like the memory foam ones myself, but to be honest I am a sucker for anything memory foam. I’ll just buy it because it says memory foam. So I’m a little bit biased I mean you just step out of the shower and you step into this amazing soft pillow.  Basically it feels amazing, no need to spend a lot of money on.


Smart scale

Smart scale is one of the most important tools, that I have in my bathroom.  Whether it’s running lifting or hiking, I’m always on the go keeping my body moving and the scale tells me my musclemass, my body fat and my weight.


A good hairdryer, if you’re really serious about having a cool hairstyle.  Then you need one of these in your bathroom, if you’ve seen any other guys with amazing hairstyles chances are theyuse one of these as well.  It dries our hair faster gives you the volume that you need to achieve that hair style.  You’ve always wanted it is actually pretty easy to use.


Spin brush

A spin brush for your skin and this is one of those tools that change my skin completely.  It’s so much better than using your hand.  I always keep one in my shower and use mine about three times a week. To exfoliate and get rid of any dirt from my face.  I hate pimples I hate spots zits whatever it is I don’t want it.   So I try to take really good care of my skin andyou should too. So just get one of those spin brushes use it a few times a week and your skin is gonna clear up.  Any question or querry you can ask in comment

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