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Accessories Every Man Should Have

Accessories Every Man  Should Have

One of the worst things that happens to  you, when you’re getting ready to go out is trying on the outfit and finding out that it sucks, like it’s missing something.

You’re missing the right accessories. Accessories are amazing way to add dimension to your style. There’s accessories for every scenario and situation. Which is what we’ll be going over today in this article.

I’m gonna go over ten accessories that every man should have in his arsenal. Starting with number one:



I know where you’re thinking because I see a lot of guys shying away from rings they think it’s too feminine or they think they can’t pull it off all of these thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth. The thing is that you need to get rings that fit your personality. If you’re edgier and go for some skull rings if you don’t really want to make such a bold statement then you can try a simple black band. There’s definitely something out there for everyone. Experiment on different fingers and the amount and number of rings that you have on each hand. And do this until you feel comfortable wearing whatever you like.


Image of black sunglass

Now glasses are one of those things that any guy can incorporate and it instantly looks amazing, right. Just because you’re lucky and you have perfect vision doesn’t mean you can’t rock them. Wearing the right frames can make you look mysterious, smart and elegant. It all depends on why you’re trying to go for it. Sunglasses can also change the vibe of an outfit completely. They protect your eyes from aging and wrinkles while also styling up your look.


Accessories Every Man Should Have Watch

Now the watch is one of those pieces that you see guys wearing less and less nowadays because of you know, smartphones. and because of smart watches. Which is a good thing for you. Because you instantly stand out from the rest of the crowd when you’re wearing a nice watch. Wearing a watch makes you look more classy. It makes you look responsible and you know you’re always on point depending on the kind of watch that you get you can wear it for almost any occasion.


Accessories Every Man Should Have Wallet

Now most guys think that you know that wallet is just something simple to carry some cards and some cash receipts and that’s it. But that is definitely not something you want to overlook. People notice your wallet every time you weigh especially if you’re out with a girl on a date. For example like you don’t want to pull out this old crappy wallet it looks like it’s holding onto dear life you also don’t want this clunky wallet that bulges your pants instead. How about you invest in a nice slim sleek looking wallet that will carry all the essentials that you need.


phone case


Which a lot of people overlook here is your phone case, alright. As much as I love this sleek look at the design of my phone without its case. That’s me. I’m just not gonna try to let luck decide my fate here alright. I’m gonna wear a case and I’m sure you can agree with that. That’s why I recommend you go for a case that’s modern and matches your personality similar to your wallet. You don’t want anything that’s too big or clunky like a simple leather case or wood case and like a nice design that you love and that will look good no matter what the scenario calls for.




Trust me these are accessories – and they’re massive. Everyone is going to see them. I see so many guys rocking old gym sacks and carrying a beat-up JanSport backpack that is unintentionally killing their style. Get something that you’re gonna be proud of wearing you know whether you’re going to the gym college or you’re going to work.



Now bracelets are accents to your outfits meaning they’re not supposed to take over and be as impactful as a weekender bag for example, right. Because it’s massive and everyone to see that. But it definitely adds an element of style to your outfit. Now there are a ton of different materials you can choose from and you can mix them together from casual to edgy you know just make sure that you don’t over do it guys. Like I said they’re accents.



Unlike bracelets these are gonna be way more visible over all, right. You can go for like a plain metal necklace or something like with a wood design for different occasions. You can even wear it to show off something that has meaning to you like you know having a music note. If you’re a musician or your favorite animal as part of your necklace, it shows character and personality. Just don’t go for those like overly huge chains you know besides just looking ridiculously heavy and uncomfortable. No one really looks great in that besides maybe like Travis Scott and Jaden Smith. Let’s be real.


pocket square

If you’re a sports jackets or Blazers and you don’t add a pocket square you’re completely missing out.No pocket square equals a plain-looking Jack, even the folds you decide to put it in makes a difference you know. It gives some contrast to your outfit. Makes you look like you know what you’re doing style while they’re inexpensive you know they come in bunches of different colors and fabrics and patterns. It literally takes two seconds to add it to your outfit. Do give them a try.


Men scarve

Scarves are probably one of the most stylish things a man can wear now. They can keep you warm and it will look good on any guy. I love it when it gets chilly here in LA and I’m able to put one of these on or when I travel you know. Especially for the fall and winter months this is an instant style upgrade. Anytime you wear a scarf properly you look amazing, alright.

Guys if you made it this far I just wanna say thank you so much for reading this article. For more fashion and lifestyle inspiration make sure all of me on Instagram.

I’ll see you guys again soon

Accessories Every Man  Should Have
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Accessories Every Man  Should Have
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